For example the young people are not supposed to participate in sex ahead of matrimony

Demise on Colombian community can be regarded as a change into the which some one stop residing in this new actual community however, will continue to are now living in the newest heart industry. They think that there is lifestyle immediately following demise and that after they perish they reunite using their forefathers.

During the certain degrees, symptoms and you can transitions, men and women are expected to act into the a specific means inability so you can that they are said so you’re able to defile their heritage.

If they exercise he or she is punished honestly and may even be excommunicated throughout the area. At the adolescent and you can younger mature stage, the young men and women are separated predicated on the genders. Guys are split up out of females. This is because needed some other lessons regarding the lives and you can commitments.

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Interpersonal Relationships

Invited was a sign of good affairs certainly somebody. For the Colombia, people are expected to acceptance one another when they conference. Handshaking is among the most preferred and you can acceptable way of enjoy for every single most other. It’s considered polite so you’re able to greet each other because of the moving hands after you meet and also whenever making. Women would be to the total amount their give very first, then guys to adhere to in response.

Also, ladies are likely to hold forearms whenever desired guys. Handshake anywhere between guys is energetic and you can best friends may even embrace both. As well, best friends get kiss as a means of enjoy both.

From inside the Colombian people, greetings will be accompanied by a tiny chat whose goal is from the knowing the other party’s hobbies. The means to access identity is also important during welcome and is also polite in order to maintain eye contact. Having opposite sex, limited kiss to the cheek is exchanged regardless of the matchmaking ranging from the two.

Disputes commonly recommended among Colombians. But not, when they arise it needs to be anywhere between people of a comparable years. If a young child disagrees that have an older individual then it’s termed as an enthusiastic insult. Ladies are as well as banned so you can argue having guys. This is recognized as diminished submissiveness and esteem to your lead of your own family relations. Extended disagreements should be prevented since they can cause an effective strive.

Whether your parties on it neglect to concur, a 3rd party are going to be on it to simply help solve the brand new dispute. Various other days, insults was expressed by lack of value for other people, rude speech otherwise nonverbal strategies intended for offensive someone else. The Colombian community ergo encourages an excellent interpersonal matchmaking one of some body. This requires a great coexistence no disputes and insults from just one several other.


Discover a wide range of dialects and dialects which can be spoken when you look at the Colombia. It has been submitted one in the foreseeable future, of numerous dialects perish. However, there are many languages that will be nonetheless active. It is anticipated you to definitely one hundred and one languages stayed in the Colombia. Already, eighty-one have explore.

One particular commonly used languages are Carijona, Desano, Achagua, Totoro, Arthuaco and Piaroa. Additionally, Piratapuvo, Siona, Cameras, Guayabero and Tariano are utilized. The federal and you will certified words try Spanish. They originated in Indo-Eu class of languages. Achagua is 2nd so you can Language. This has a large group using it as well and particularly those about East region of the nation.

More than twenty dialects was basically damaged. It become Andaqui, Cauca, Chipiajes, Ansema, Barbacoas, Natagaimas, Runa,Omejes and you may Ponares. It is essential to keep in mind that a little population group and especially upper-class, use English. This really is Fince sД±cak kadД±nlar popular in metropolitan places. Vocabulary performs an enormous role throughout the Colombian community. It’s used to basically discuss. They will act as a symbol of unity one of the someone.