Every relationship is unique anyone to the other; each has its own unique merits and demerits

But, some relationships have actually strange traits for which individuals stay away from them whenever possible. Several other individuals having said that desire relationship that is such. Most of these relationships include “Long Distance Relationship” and “Dating a Public figure”.

We desired people’s viewpoint on dating-a-public-figure.

Listed below are a couple of reactions, initial two from women dating a figure that is public.

1. Miss A:

Hmm, There’s this woman who stares difficult her, Even my boo noticed at me every Sunday, Like I’m a threat to. That’s a fear.

Disadvantages: He hardly has time I force him to create time or I knock sense into his head for me except. I must be cos that are strong continually be experts and We won’t be omitted. Also places me personally within the eye that is public. I talk etc. Plus I have to shine teeth every time whether I’m in the mood or not how I dress, how. And I also need to be careful who we ‘snob’ And I also need to be careful to not ever embarrass your family. Like u have to impress everyone or they’ll tear u down or put pressure on him to ‘do better’ so it’s just.

Benefits: you can fulfill those who matter; Celebs alike as well as, it generates u feel special. Like a high profile too

Hmmmm! It could actually be irritating! Lol .. I’m dating a public figure! It is maybe not oooo that is easy. Often times i’d like each of their time and attention, but he’s got to simply share me personally with all the world! Lol!

But we have to satisfy amazing and great people, we have to share with you several of my a few ideas and I’ve been welcomed to a good community. Asides that, I’ve learnt and still understanding how to share, become selfless, to be understanding also to have patience.

3. Dr Temmy:

Yes, i will date a public figure. It can take a lot of work though and understanding on both edges. Communication can also be extremely key.

4. Skip Peace:

Well i could date a public figure…most certainly not a pastor. Too responsibility that is much D



Don’t anticipate from your own relationship what exactly isn’t realistic because of its nature. As an example, don’t expect to constantly have your lover with you each time or will have his attention when you really need him. It’s likely you have to become more in charge of the house additionally the children. Don’t compare your partner or relationship to your friend’s very own; no two relationships are ever the exact same.


Every relationship requires understanding and patience to exert effort. Because of this types of relationship, you need more “buff” than normal relationships. You will need certainly to learn to live with having him absent at house, sleeping alone normally, cooking for unforeseen visitors and so forth. You have to learn to sacrifice because you’ll have to accomplish a lot of the if the partnership will probably work.


Correspondence like every relationship will be an instrument you need to hold dearly to heart. Many figures that are public the propensity of getting many things slip off their hands. They might forget major date, forget to grab food on the method house, and may not really notice as soon as the relationship is slipping from the side. You’ll have actually to talk out every time, tell them what you need them to be much more mindful of, that which you expect from their store. You need to be the product quality Control Officer, constantly place things in balance. The reality is that the prosperity of the connection is within your court.


We can’t overemphasise this sufficient, trust in me you don’t desire to be the partner which includes nothing in connection with their partner’s business. Also in the event that you hate comedies and he’s a comedian, you’ve still got to understand ho tow buy front roll admission, and fake fun. You’ll find nothing as vital that you a man/woman than that the support is had by them of the partner. I would ike to duplicate, you do not like what he does, however for the love and relationship sake, choose interest, ask him/her how tan he “business” has been doing, make efforts when you can finally. In conclusion, BE HIS/HER NO. 1 FAN. Whenever getting frustrated, look at/think concerning the items that undoubtedly matter, & most specially, the reason(s) you began the partnership into the beginning. In times where in fact the both of you are general public numbers, well, i suppose that balances out.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO DATE/MARRY A PUBLIC FIGURE? (Pastor, musician, comedian, presenter, politician, film waplog entrar login star, sport athlete…name it). Which s that are one( is it possible to date? What type could you maybe not date? And exactly why? Or will you be dating/married to a single right now? Inform us about any of it. Merits & demerits.

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